Which Top Japanese IP firms are representing which companies?

Thank you very much for visiting our site.  Directory of Top Japanese IP Firms is about the relationship between more than 1000 Japanese IP firms and 400 global companies, 200 from Japan and another 200 from outside Japan. This site aims to help IP people outside Japan find best IP business partners.  You will see which Japanese IP firms are representing the 400 companies, how many patent applications based on the calendar year and detailed information about Japanese patent attorneys and IP firms.  In addition, as for 200 Japanese companies, you will learn which Japanese IP firms are taking care of patent applications in the business fields such as Electrical Machinery, Automotive/Transport Equipment, Chemicals, Precision Instrument, Machinery and others. 

Directory shows "Patent World of Japan Today" in the form of excel.  You can do sorting and filtering according to your needs and interests.


How to use the directories

・ To find best IP business partners in Japan

・ To check which Japanese IP firms are representing which companies and how many patent applications

・ To re-evaluate existing networking with Japanese IP firms

・ To establish new and better networking with Japanese IP firms  

・ To check which Japanese IP firms competitors are using

・  To avoid conflict of interest



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